On 10th July 2009, we have an excursion to Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire. This is my first excursion in the United State. It is so meaningful as we can know all the history of Eau Claire by visiting the museum. For your information, Chippewa Valley Museum is located at Carson Park in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It is about 15minutes drive from UWEC to there.

Chippewa Valley Museum, Here I come!!

He is our museum tour guide. He looks old but he still can recall the past time in Eau Claire vividly. We have a good tour guide because he had, in fact, experienced all the old time in Eau Claire.

One of the most interesting facts in Chippewa Valley Museum is the music instrument. Nowadays, we used to play guitar, drum, piano, flute, and so on. Could you imagine what music instrument is being used in the past?

Here it is:
It is made by turtle shell with the combination of seashells which plays as a music instrument in the past. The old generations wear it at their knees and dance their traditional dance. They music will play simultaneously with their dance. It was so cool!! Although we are not the same generation now, but we all know that what is MUSIC. At least, we know we have some similarity, just it was presented in different way.

The other fact that impressed me much is the Lumberjacks. Lumberjacks are men who worked to cut down the trees with long saws. It is also known as Lumber Industry. Long long time ago, Wisconsin was fully covered by large forests. The Lumberjacks did a great job and it is a must for everyone to know them. This is because, if there was no Lumberjacks, no Wisconsin I would say.

With Lunberjacks, the story that you will know eventually is the Paul Bunyan, who is a giant lumberjack and Babe, his huge blue ox. The story is also called as Tall Tales, which are unbelievable and unusual stories that have been retold over the years and exaggerated.

Apart of that, I was impressed by the old classroom in Eau Claire. The place where the old generation went for their studies. It is still well kept until today. The tables and chairs are too small and it does not fit me. It is for kids. Let's see some photos of the classroom.

In a nutshell, museum serves as a unique and invaluable place where we can achieve the display of the fossils and other historical collections. I am very glad to know more about Eau Claire as well as Wisconsin. This excursion has made my day! It was a memorable excursion.


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