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The above link is my masterpiece in my Marketing and Technology class when I was studying in the USA. Remember to go to ABOUT US page, you will see my handsome pic. haha..

I miss Eau Claire!! Im gonna say it loud!

In 2010, UWEC has about 7 new Malaysians enrolled in the Spring intake and made it to 24 Malaysians now. If I were still there, it would be 25. (Nicer number) haha..

Time really flies, Im back home for exactly 4months. (Jan 4 to May 4 today)

I always be really lazy in studying. Im not sure whether it's because of the influence from the States or my re-entry shock still.

Im just gonna say, after studying abroad in the USA, I become really lazy!! Im always think about party, bars, dance, drink, and travel!!

Just so you guys know, I joined Sunway University College for ACCA Professional Level 3 days after I returned home.

Re-entry shocks are as below:
1. Cannot get used to Malaysian English
2. Miss the cold Mid West weather
3. Miss American beer (Miller lite, Spotted Cow, Leinenkugel)
4. Used to take bath once a day
5. Hate to college life in Malaysia
6. Heart still in traveling mode ( I traveled for about a month in the USA before coming back)

Now, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. My ACCA exam is approaching and Im still traveling like a frequent traveller. haha.

Last week, I went to Singapore. It was Marina Bay The Sands Grand Opening April 27, 3.18pm.

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