Hey peeps! November 28, 2010 is the day everyone had been waited for. If you updated your firmware by accidentally before November 28, 2010. Your AT&T iPhone will not be unlocked!!! It means you can't use it with any other carriers. But today, you can unlock it now by changing the baseband!!!

Now, Im gonna teach you guys how to unlock your iPhone. Basically, downgrading firmware won't help. Cuz it wont change the baseband.

Read this! The official post by the iPhone Dev Team.

What you needed? Window OS Computer, AT&T Simcard (Terminated/Active), iPhone USB Cable, iPhone 3GS OLD BOOTROM.

Step 1: Check your iPhone bootrom. Click here if you dunno. If it is iPhone 3GS – Old Bootrom 359.3 you need to use redsn0w to do the rest.

Step 2: Download redsn0w to Window.

Step 3: Download ipsw firmware 4.1

Step 4: Input the firmware 4.1 into redsn0w latest version as above link.

Step 5: Click NO for old bootrom. Check Cydia and iPad baseband.

Step 6: Sit tight and wait for it to do the rest.

After this your baseband will change to 06.15.00 and you can download the unlock code from CYDIA.
Add the source into cydia (Manage>Package>Edit>Add - Key In: repo666.ultrasn0w.com)
Then download Ultrasnow from cydia to unlock!!! 


Check this out!

The above link is my masterpiece in my Marketing and Technology class when I was studying in the USA. Remember to go to ABOUT US page, you will see my handsome pic. haha..

I miss Eau Claire!! Im gonna say it loud!

In 2010, UWEC has about 7 new Malaysians enrolled in the Spring intake and made it to 24 Malaysians now. If I were still there, it would be 25. (Nicer number) haha..

Time really flies, Im back home for exactly 4months. (Jan 4 to May 4 today)

I always be really lazy in studying. Im not sure whether it's because of the influence from the States or my re-entry shock still.

Im just gonna say, after studying abroad in the USA, I become really lazy!! Im always think about party, bars, dance, drink, and travel!!

Just so you guys know, I joined Sunway University College for ACCA Professional Level 3 days after I returned home.

Re-entry shocks are as below:
1. Cannot get used to Malaysian English
2. Miss the cold Mid West weather
3. Miss American beer (Miller lite, Spotted Cow, Leinenkugel)
4. Used to take bath once a day
5. Hate to college life in Malaysia
6. Heart still in traveling mode ( I traveled for about a month in the USA before coming back)

Now, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. My ACCA exam is approaching and Im still traveling like a frequent traveller. haha.

Last week, I went to Singapore. It was Marina Bay The Sands Grand Opening April 27, 3.18pm.

More pictures can be found on my Facebook


Minnesota, have you heard about this state?

Yo man! I like to watch NBA since I was young. Kevin Garnett, do you know him?

He used to be in Timberwolves man!

I am at my friend's house and will be going to Orlando tomorrow.

Thanks Joe again for inviting me over here. Last night in Minnesota.

I saved 33bucks shuttle fee from Eau Claire to MSP airport. ^^

Just so you know, I booked a hostel yesterday night (Dec 15) midnight, and booked for Dec 16, 17, 18 three nights in Orlando.

Alright! Good night America, gonna do some research on my trip and hit the sack soon!

Time flies, today is the day for me to leave Eau Claire, officially.

Eau Claire, you are the place that I lived for 5months.

I know you, the people, the places at much deeper level.

I'm sad to say good bye tho. I'm sad to leave Eau Claire.

Yet, life is moving forward and I gotta give and go.

My second home, in Wisconsin, nah, it's in Eau Claire Wisconsin, to be precise.

Upon completion of UGRAD Exchange, I feel that it's a real great opportunity for being such a globalize person.

I just got my final exams done today. And, I packed my stuff and hit the road 4 hours after my exam.

I am in Minnesota now. Tonight is gonna be my last night in Minnesota too.

Thanks Joe for the stay at your house.

My flight is at 3pm tomorrow from MSP to MCO (Orlando International Airport).

I will be traveling alone. Gotta be independent!

Anyway, I love Eau Claire, I love Wisconsin, Go Packers!!

I love America!!

** I would come back if I could get any chances!!**

I signed up for the card today. This is my last month of stay in the United States and the trial card only costs me 1bucks. Anyway, it's a marketing trick which automatically continue my subscription if I didn't call the toll free number and cancel it.

It helps me to save a lot of money. Eg: hostel, hotel, flights, amtrak, greyhound, and a lot more.

Please do not hesitate: click the link here and sign up NOW!

Student Advantage Discount Card - Enrollment

USA address only.

On November 7, the week after Halloween, I went to Twin Cities, Minnesota with my Hmong friend, Na Lee. Twin Cities is actually Minneapolis and St Paul as there is no boundary between the two places. As an Asian, it was great hanging out with Asian in America. I felt so comfortable when hanging out with them. It was unbelievable! It can’t tell that I am in USA. Hmong are actually pretty much similar as Chinese. I would say Hmong kids look like Chinese kids. They are called as MIAO in China. They are very much native American now. The difference is they can speak better English than I do. They grew up in USA, get educated in USA and apparently they do everything in American ways.

USA is a melting pot or a salad bowl. There have a lots of ethnics and races diversities. A week before that, I was the only Asian hanging out with all Caucasian (White American) on Halloween in Madison. Thanks to Na Lee who invited me to her sis’s house. It was so fun filled meeting your family members. Thanks to Amy and Dao, you guys are so friendly! I went to clubbing on Saturday night with them. A club called EPIC which is an Asian Club. The differences between bars and clubs are: Cover fees, Band, much room on dance floor, and more expensive.

The next day, we went to Hmong flea market aka Hmong marketplace. It’s just like an Asiantown. Some of the products are from Thailand and Laos. I tried some Hmong food there and it was delicious!

We joined Dao’s family baseball game on Sunday evening. It was my first time playing baseball in America. Well, I still remember vividly the first time I was introduced to baseball was in primary school. It was Vichian’s father who taught us how to play during our PJK class. Playing baseball in Minnesota was so nice. The baseball field is at Minneapolis, so I could see a lot of flights landing and taking off in the sky. Aim high, hit the plane down, and home run!!

I went to Mall of America after that. I got myself some long sleeves sweater and some t-shirts. I love shopping in Minnesota! Tax free for clothing!!
After that, we headed to Na Lee bro’s house. He is a good cook who works in an Italian restaurant. I managed to try Hmong terrific noodle called PHO, which was prepared by NL brother. It was the hottest and spiciest noodle I had in USA! It’s similar as the combination of Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Tomyam Noodles, and Spicy Noodles in Malaysia. Nice!

I learned a lot about Hmong American. Wisconsin and Minnesota have a majority of Hmong population. It was a great weekend hanging out with them! I hope I can make a visit to Twin Cities again before I return to Malaysia.

Hmong History = Check this out!

I went to Dooley's Pub for an International Student gathering and headed to a random house party just now. It was actually Tamika's 21st birthday party! (I knew her from BSA video in my US Culture's class) After that I went back with Wendrall to my dorm. After saying good bye to Wendrall at the staircase's junction (He lives in another dorm), I headed up to my dorm alone. A few guys were walking with me. When I was heading to the staircase up the hill. I heard....

EEEEEE.... a car break squeaking sound and here they go..

"Hey stop! I called you stop!!" a loud shout came from my back.

The two guys who were walking next to me were running up at the staircase and trying to take to their heels.

"When the police calls you stop, you stop"
"Why are you running for?" "Lay down!"

The cop was fucking serious! The cop put the handcuffs on the two guys in front on me!!

"Are you guys together?" the cop said.

"No Sir!" I answered!

What the hell! I saw that at my first sight in the USA!
It was just right in front of me. I stopped at there for a while because they were blocking my way!
I wanted to take a picture but I don't think it is a good idea though!
The police might grab my camera away, I bet!

I walked away after that... and barely heard this...

"You guys are underage drinking huh?"....

I kept walking and heading to my dorm!

It sounds creepy though! I watched it a lot in the movie but I have never seen it until today!!

That was cRazy!!

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