Time flies, today is the day for me to leave Eau Claire, officially.

Eau Claire, you are the place that I lived for 5months.

I know you, the people, the places at much deeper level.

I'm sad to say good bye tho. I'm sad to leave Eau Claire.

Yet, life is moving forward and I gotta give and go.

My second home, in Wisconsin, nah, it's in Eau Claire Wisconsin, to be precise.

Upon completion of UGRAD Exchange, I feel that it's a real great opportunity for being such a globalize person.

I just got my final exams done today. And, I packed my stuff and hit the road 4 hours after my exam.

I am in Minnesota now. Tonight is gonna be my last night in Minnesota too.

Thanks Joe for the stay at your house.

My flight is at 3pm tomorrow from MSP to MCO (Orlando International Airport).

I will be traveling alone. Gotta be independent!

Anyway, I love Eau Claire, I love Wisconsin, Go Packers!!

I love America!!

** I would come back if I could get any chances!!**


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