Hi everyone! As you can see in my previous post, it's fried banana. Why I put the fried banana recipe in my blog? Don't you feel weird? This is because we have an activity called Pot Luck on July 23. Everyone will cook something that represent their home country. We shared and ate together with Americans and other international students.

It was my first time to make fried banana. I was very happy that moments as I did it! My friends from Laos (KK) and Thailand (Hooda) gave me compliments on my cook. They said that it was as tasty as the one selling in their country. I was on cloud nine!! Yahoo!

This was the cooking process:

Here we go!! Pot Luck Dinner!!

Most importantly, everyone dressed up in tradisional clothes, included me. I wore Malaysian Tradisional Batik. A lot of people asking me what kind of clothing material and the purpose of wearing Batik. At first, I thought Batik is Malay Language. Now, I've checked the dictionary. Batik is in English and Spanish as well.

Batik is a process for printing designs on cloth. Wax is put on those areas of the cloth that you do not want to be coloured by dye. While, a batik is a cloth which has been printed with a batik design.

We wear Batik during formal Malay Dinner, Malay Wedding, and any other cultural events.

We enjoyed ourselves so much!! I've tried out some nice foods from Myanmar, Thailand, China, Laos, and also America. Thank you everyone for making such a good dinner.


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