Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. If you are coming to Wisconsin, you are in the right webpage. I am now in Wisconsin, USA. This is my 4th week here. I would like to share with you all, where are the place that you must visit in Wisconsin!!

When you are in Madison, which is the capital of Wisconsin, the places that you must visit are Hinchley's Dairy Farm, State Street, State Capitol.

Hinchley's Dairy Farm

First of all, let's talk about Hinchley's Dairy Farm. I like that Dairy Farm very much because I have had a lot of my first time in the Dairy Farm. It's undeniable that Wisconsin is famous with its name "America Dairyland". The Dairy Farm is the place that you must visit.

There are a lot of dairy farms in Wisconsin, but Hinchley's Dairy Farm impressed me the most!! Hinchley's Dairy Farm is a real working dairy farm in Cambridge, Wisconsin where cows are milked twice each day, 365 days of the year. There are sheeps, chickens, goats, llama and rabbits to see and pet. Besides, they have rapsberry field and you can plug fresh rapsberry and it can be eaten right away.

Tina Hinchley

The owner of Hinchley's Dairy Farm is owned by Tina Hinchley. This is a family business. She is a superwoman, I would say. She likes her job very much. From the conversation between Tina and me during the tour, she told me that the annual income they earned is not enough to breakeven. They are suffering losses every year. This is because milk supply is high, so the price is low. No government grant is granted by the Dairy Farm. If you wish to get government grant, you must be suffering 35% of losses or damages as to your annual turnovers. Despite of that, she still work hard in the farm. She is loving her job. She likes what she is doing now. This is called job satisfaction!!

For me, I will think that this is a tough job. You need to milk the cow, clean the crap, move the crap and a lot of tough works. It is not easy. Moreover, the income is not as good as what you will get when you are employed in office work. The whole business is managed by her and it is definitely financed by Bank Loans and Long term borrowing from Bank. It is risky! Furthermore, the returns are not so high. Only the person who loves the job will continue to do it forever.

Here are the photos in Hinchley's Dairy Farm. You can play with little calfs, milk the cow, play with little chicks, feed the goats, sheeps, llama. Besides, you can plug and eat the rapsberry right away!!

State Street Madison + State Capitol
Other than that, in Madison, you must go to State Street!! I went there during Maxwell Street Day, the price of the items are cheap and reasonable. I bought 1 Crocs Badgers Shoe, and 15 clothes. OMG!! Too enjoy my shopping trip!! State Street in just like Petaling Street in Malaysia, Xi Men Ding in Taipei, Chatuchak in Bangkok. The big difference is the air in Wisconsin during summer is cool and refreshing. In Malaysia, it is hot and you will keep sweating when you shopping outdoor. At the end of the street, there is a beautiful building, which is State Capitol. That is the biggest building in Wisconsin. The Forward Lady is the image of Wisconsin. The motto of Wisconsin is FORWARD.

Check it out some photos.

The next place that you must visit is the Dells Mill.
The scenery at the water fall is really beautiful. What a panoramic view!!

Let's see!


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