Wo ai ni , ai zhe ni
Jiu xiang lao shu ai ta mi (Mandarin)
Kuai hak jao jao hak kuai bo (Laos)
Chan rak ter liao ter rak chan mai (Thai)

I love you, loving you (English)
Aku cinta pada mu
Adakah kau cinta ku (Malay)
Ming ka la bah cit tek cit la (Myanmar)

Te quie ro, me ah mor (Spanish)
Wa ta shi ai shi te ru (Japanese)
ngo oi le yat san yat sai (Cantonese)
I wanna be with you always (English)

I love Eau Claire
##(Repeat All)
I love you, Eau Claire

This song is special dedicated to ELA program. Thank you everyone who makes this ELA to a success. It was composed by me and sourced from all of international students. Without all of you, this song is unable to be completed. My sole participation was not enough if without all of you guys.. Keep in touch ya!!

We had lots of fun in the final banquet aka Fiesta. After our dinner (Mexican Food), we had several events. At first we reviewed back all the photos that we have taken so far in every activities. OMG!! I miss all of them. It was just occured yesterday! Time flies... We have had a great time in ELA summer program. Next, Certificate Giving Section.. and lastly.. Dancing!!

I miss ya'll!

Dancing Queens and Dancing Kings... Bravo!!


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