On November 7, the week after Halloween, I went to Twin Cities, Minnesota with my Hmong friend, Na Lee. Twin Cities is actually Minneapolis and St Paul as there is no boundary between the two places. As an Asian, it was great hanging out with Asian in America. I felt so comfortable when hanging out with them. It was unbelievable! It can’t tell that I am in USA. Hmong are actually pretty much similar as Chinese. I would say Hmong kids look like Chinese kids. They are called as MIAO in China. They are very much native American now. The difference is they can speak better English than I do. They grew up in USA, get educated in USA and apparently they do everything in American ways.

USA is a melting pot or a salad bowl. There have a lots of ethnics and races diversities. A week before that, I was the only Asian hanging out with all Caucasian (White American) on Halloween in Madison. Thanks to Na Lee who invited me to her sis’s house. It was so fun filled meeting your family members. Thanks to Amy and Dao, you guys are so friendly! I went to clubbing on Saturday night with them. A club called EPIC which is an Asian Club. The differences between bars and clubs are: Cover fees, Band, much room on dance floor, and more expensive.

The next day, we went to Hmong flea market aka Hmong marketplace. It’s just like an Asiantown. Some of the products are from Thailand and Laos. I tried some Hmong food there and it was delicious!

We joined Dao’s family baseball game on Sunday evening. It was my first time playing baseball in America. Well, I still remember vividly the first time I was introduced to baseball was in primary school. It was Vichian’s father who taught us how to play during our PJK class. Playing baseball in Minnesota was so nice. The baseball field is at Minneapolis, so I could see a lot of flights landing and taking off in the sky. Aim high, hit the plane down, and home run!!

I went to Mall of America after that. I got myself some long sleeves sweater and some t-shirts. I love shopping in Minnesota! Tax free for clothing!!
After that, we headed to Na Lee bro’s house. He is a good cook who works in an Italian restaurant. I managed to try Hmong terrific noodle called PHO, which was prepared by NL brother. It was the hottest and spiciest noodle I had in USA! It’s similar as the combination of Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Tomyam Noodles, and Spicy Noodles in Malaysia. Nice!

I learned a lot about Hmong American. Wisconsin and Minnesota have a majority of Hmong population. It was a great weekend hanging out with them! I hope I can make a visit to Twin Cities again before I return to Malaysia.

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