I went to Career Conference last month (Sept 24) because my class was cancelled. Lol! Why it has been canceled? Cuz almost 90% of my classmates were going to the conference as some of them are graduating in this December. I am not a degree seeker here and I can't get a job here. I didn't bring my resume as I know it would be useless because I can't work in my period of staying in the US. However, I have thought of getting a job here in the future. I was wondering if Deloitte and Touche were there, it would be great! As I used to work in Deloitte Malaysia for about 4months before I came to USA!!

Career Conference here is just like Career Fair in TARC. After a glance in Zorn Arena. There are only 2 companies that I know! The first one that I talked with was Allianz, an insurance company. My car insurance and life insurance are from Allianz. So I know about it pretty well. They are hiring people from UWEC and there are a lot of UWEC students who work there for internships and permanent jobs.

I went to Ernst and Young (EY) booth and asked them about job opportunity for me, a Malaysian who wants to work in USA. Well, in order to work in EY USA, I have 3 options. The first one is going to EY Malaysia and apply for Global Exchange Program in EY. The second one is getting a degree from UWEC and joining the alumni program. The third option is go through the interviews in EY and if you got accepted, they will prepare all the Working Permit and stuff for you. Well, the next day I told that to one of my classmates. He used to work in EY Minneapolis this summer. I just realized that I was talking to EY Partner in the career fair.

I got some souvenir from EY booth. A highlighter and a pen. Guess what?! I didn't know until last week.... the pen is actually from EY Malaysia. Picture will be attached!! Perhaps the labor cost in Malaysia is cheaper and they imported the stationery from Malaysia.


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