I have been really busy in enjoying everything right here until I got no time to update my blog.
I have tons of pictures in my laptop until its memory is full and I got a brand new 640GB external hard drive here, can you imagine that? Also, I got a new Macbook here too!

LOL... at the first few weeks here, some people called me CREEPER as I took a lot of pictures.
Recently, I seldom take pictures as everything is not really new to me now. I got used to everything here and I started to miss my home in Malaysia!! Especially Malaysian Foods and of course my mom's food.

Everything goes fine right here and I am taking 4 classes with 13 credits here.

1. ACCT 425 Ethics in Accounting
2. MKTG 338 Marketing Analytics and Technology
3. US Culture and Institutions
4. Basic Japanese 101

For the 1st subject, my classmates are all senior or supersenior, it is a level four class. We sit in a group at Hormel Lab room. The room is freaking advance with technology. Every table has a big LCD screen sticked on the wall. 43inches LCD Flat screen. Our professor, Dr. Miller (CPA) conducts a lecture with his powerpoint slides up in the screens. It is a every nice way to teach! The class is not so big and we have 23 students. The course talks about Ethics!! I will take ACCA P1 paper when I got back to Malaysia. So, this is the reason I choose for this subject. Integrity is all about doing something right even nobody is watching. I learned about Kohlberg's, Rest's, DIT, DIRR so far. Hopefully it is same as the syllabus in ACCA P1 Professional Accountant.

For the 2nd subject, it is really a fantastic subject that I couldn't find in Malaysia. The subject is for Marketing Major. I am actually Accounting major but I am really interested in this subject!!! It is all about how a marketer runs his analytics with the aid of technology! It is undeniable that the United States is a developed country and it's well-known with its high tech system! Bill Gates is from USA... At the first weeks, I learned about Adobe Photoshop!! I am really happy with that because I still remember my friend refused to teach me how to use Photoshop in college. And now, I know how to use it but not really pro as I just have one week lesson. Next assignment was Dreamweaver! Dreamweaver is all about Webpage development. I struggled badly for my dreamweaver assignment! I asked my friends in TARC who are marketing major, they had dreamweaver assignment before but it was a semester project. They have 3 months time to complete it. For me, I have only a week!! The lesson was ended at Friday and I have to turn it in on next Monday, not really a week actually! I tried my best and used some flash knowledge that I learned when I was a beginner blogger. I made it perfect and I got 50/50 for the assignment.

The webpage is http://people.uwec.edu/taneh (My initial= TanEH)

For the third subject, it is US Culture and I gotta learn about the ways US people do and their histories, their attitudes, values and so on. It is a great class which I don't have pressure at all.

For the forth subject, Japanese 101. I am a newbie for Japanese Language now. Just for now, I know how to write Hiragana and Katakana. I have some Japanese friends here and I am an officer in Japanese Culture Society. (http://www.jcsec.org/) I am treasurer in JCS!!
Recently, we had an International Folk Fair right in UWEC. I was treated as a traitor! OMG! A lot of Malaysians called me so. WTF!! I am not! I love Malaysia.. I am treasurer in JCS and I have to take care of the money and stuff in JCS. So I was the one who takes order and collect money as a cashier in Japan Group during the International Folk Fair. I was the cashier for the first two hours in Japan Group. After that, someone took over my place and I was able to join the Malaysian Traditional Dance in Malaysia's booth downstair. Luckily I went there on time and the traditional dance was published as the headline in the local University press. I am not a traitor as I went to all the meetings in Malaysian group and I helped them up in decoration and stuff. I was one of the representatives in Malaysia group. My name was written in the folk fair application form too and I got the email from the key personnel in regard of any updates and claims. So, I am not country traitor!! lol... (why need to explain so much... if I am not means I am not... do come clean as what I learned in Ethics in Accounting)

Well, being an officer in Japanese Culture Society is so fun!! It would be great if I could have a job on campus. I can't have a job though, because of the rules restricted as a UGRADer. Having a job here would be nice and I am sure it can improve my English and make more friends....


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