Please refer to my website. These are all my favorite bars in Eau Claire. It's actually pretty near to UWEC. I have to walk down the hill, cross over the footbridge, and 2 blocks away it is Water Street. Why Water? Cuz here is Eau Claire!! Eau Claire means clear water in French!!

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of clubbing when I was in Malaysia. However, I go to the bars here almost every week since the Fall semester starts. Cuz... I love dancing!! There is no cover fees charge in the bars on Water Street. That's the reason I go there often!

At the first few weeks, I used to go to Aaron's house for house party on every Friday night. Aaron is a Malaysian... a "karat kaki"... Anyway, there is no more party in his house recently cuz last month he got a big ticket as having a party to underage students. A lot of students got underage drinking tickets too. Underage drinking ticket in Wisconsin costs $260, and for the owner of the house party, it is $460. That's a lot!!!!

Someone might say going to the bars is not a good habit! For me, Hanging out with friends in the bars is actually the best way to socialize and make more friends. She-Nans is one of the bars that I go almost every weekend. I like the dance floor!! It's better than the Brats as they have stages where you can dance on it!


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