To all my fellow friends and my lovely blog visitors from all around the World,

Time does fly, doesn't it? I am in the United States for almost 4 months already.

Just so you know, UGRAD is up for applying!!

Does anyone want a paid vacation or paid learning opportunity in the United States? It's the time to apply now.

You guys will be in the third batch!! The program is still new... Don't forgo this golden opportunity!

The due date is November 30, 2009. Still one and half months to go... pretty long!! You guys can write a better Personal Statement than I did last year.

If my memory serves me well.... Last year the due date was on December 26.
I got to know the application 3days prior to the dateline. So, I only have 3 days to complete my application forms and stuff.

There you go....
(same procedures same questions as last year!! you guys will know how amazing I was in completing all those in 3days time. I still managed to celebrate Christmas in Genting Highlands with friends.. )

No.NameHost InstitutionsFieldDuration
Ms. Ooi Li HsienMinnesota State UniversityTESL1 year (Fall intake)
Mr. Wong Yeong RuJackson State UniversityPsychology1 year (Fall intake)
Mr. Chong Tze LunUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleMarketing1 year (Fall intake)
Mr. Yeong Song BorNorth Central UniversityActuarial Science6 months (Fall intake)
Mr. Tan Eng HwaUniversity of Wisconsin, Eau ClaireAccounting and Finance6 months (Fall intake)
Mr. Thamilarasan RamalingamMontana State UniversityElectronics Engineering6 months (Fall intake)
Ms. Lim Keng LiSt. Cloud State UniversityInternational Business6 months (Spring intake)
Mr. Lim Gin SengUniversity of Southern IndianaAccounting6 months (Spring intake)
Mr. Tan Poh SuanNazareth CollegeInternational Business6 months (Spring intake)


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